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What devices can I use Guilty Pleasures on?

The Guilty Pleasures app works on all Apple devices which are running at least iOS8. This includes all iPhones since the iPhone 4s, all iPads since the iPad2, and the 5th generation iPod touch and above. It also runs on all Android devices using recent software. All stories are also available via a browser at metroguiltypleasures.com.

How can I navigate through the app?

Once you have opened the app you will be presented with your first story in what we call a ‘card view’. You’ll see the headline, image and the source of that story and you can chose to read the full story by clicking on that card. You can also share or ‘star’ the content to send it to your favourites so you can read it later. If the story you see isn’t of interest, simply swipe right to see the next story. Your ‘edition’ will include 10 stories and one advert. When you are in an article press the ‘x’ symbol in the bottom left corner to return to the card view so you can swipe to new articles.

What happens at the ‘want more’ screen?

This is the end of your ‘edition’ of stories – but if you are still in the mood for more then simply press update for another set of stories. Just remember to ‘star’ any stories in your previous ‘edition’ which you may want to read later – although you can always find them again by going to the search function in the main menu.

How do you personalise content for me?

Every interaction you have with a story helps us understand more about what interests you, whether that be the type of article you are reading, what it’s about or who’s written it. If you are particularly keen on an article and want to see more like it in future you can tap the ‘More like this’ button at the bottom of an article. Equally, if the article turned out not to be of interest then click the ‘Less like this’ button so we know not to serve up that sort of story next time.

Why should I allow Push Notifications?

By allowing push notifications you are enabling Guilty Pleasures to send you a push message to alert you of updates on your favourite topics. We promise not to pester you with alerts and we promise that you can opt out at any time.

How do I enable or disable Push Notifications?

If you refused Push Notifications when you first started the app, you will need to turn them on in your device’s Settings.
Go to: Settings>Guilty Pleasures>Notifications
You can choose to turn off notifications at any time by going to Edit Notification Settings from the Settings menu.

Why should I provide my email address?

Providing an email address enables us to send you stories we think will interest you  via email. We do not ask for permissions unless we need them to enhance the app’s features, or your experience of it. We promise not to pester you and we promise that you can opt out at any time.

Can I share articles on social channels?

Articles can be shared on social networks by tapping the share icon on the card view or at the bottom of an article. The content you share with people can be accessed by your followers or contacts, whether they have the Guilty Pleasures app installed on their device or not.

Can I save articles for future use?

Yes, just make sure you click the ‘star’ icon. You can then access these by clicking the three-line icon in the top left corner and selecting ‘Favourites’.

Can I view stories offline?

Yes, you will be able to view all 10 stories within your edition when you are offline. You will need a connection to update to see a new set of content.

Can I use the app in landscape?

The Guilty Pleasures app is designed to work in portrait mode on iPhone, and in both portrait and landscape modes on iPad.