Angelina Jolie hails son Maddox’s movie debut

Angelina Jolie hails son Maddox’s movie debut

ANGELINA JOLIE says she won’t stand in the way of her son Maddox if he wants to pursue a Hollywood career.

After the 16-year-old took the helm of Jolie’s latest flick, she said it was ‘up to him’ if the Cambodian lad wanted to follow in her and dad Brad Pitt’s footsteps.

As Maddox posed alongside his 13-year-old Vietnamese brother Pax at the Toronto Film Festival, Jolie hailed his debut on her movie First They Killed My Father, which he executive-produced.

‘Maddox worked hard,’ added the 42-year-old star. And as for any movie-making ambitions, she said: ‘It’s up to him… this [film] is very important to him, but I think so.’

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