Being a dad makes JAY-Z too cool for old-school…

Being a dad makes JAY-Z too cool for old-school…

JAY-Z famously rapped about having 99 Problems — but it’s safe to say his ‘hip-hop’ view of women is no longer one of them. In a candid chat, Beyoncé’s music mogul hubby admits his old-school outlook has completely changed since becoming a dad.

‘I have daughters now so my perspective on how the world, or specifically the hip-hop world, views women is not going to be what it was over 20 years ago,’ he explained.

‘I am evolving so my work is evolving,’ added JAY-Z, who has his hands full following the arrival of twins Sir and Rumi in June. The boy and girl join the couple’s five-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy.

The Big Pimpin’ hitmaker recalled having a heart-to-heart with P Diddy — real name Sean Combs — on finding out he and Bey, 35, were expecting two bundles of joy.

‘I remember Sean saying to me, “Twins are twice the love,” and he was totally right,’ gushed 47-year-old JAY-Z, aka Shawn Carter. ‘It’s twice the love, twice the smiles on my face, twice the blessing.’

Mountains of money don’t mean as much to him anymore, either. ‘Wealth is important but. since fatherhood. I know what it is to be truly rich.’ Easy to say when you and your missus are worth a reported £898million.

Becoming a dad has affected his music, too. ‘My first album was 21 years ago and, since then, I have become a husband and father to three kids,’ he said. ‘That’s going to change the way a person views life.’ Indeed, on new album 4:44, he lays bare his soul and appears to apologise for cheating on Beyoncé.

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