Christian Bale keeps his eyes on the pies

Christian Bale keeps his eyes on the pies

A BEEFED-UP Christian Bale explained his shocking weight gain by confessing that he really did eat all the pies.

The once-ripped Batman star has been wolfing down junk food to play former US vice president Dick Cheney in a new biopic, called Backseat.

Bale, unveiling his ballooned-out frame on the red carpet at the Toronto Film Festival, said: ‘I’ve just been eating a lot of pies.’

This is a dramatic swing in the opposite direction for the 43-year-old Welshman, known for his method acting.

In 2004, he lost 65lb — surviving on an apple and a tin of tuna a day — to look skeletal in The Machinist.

In Backseat, the actor stars opposite Steve Carell as former defence secretary Donald Rumsfeld.

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