Mum’s the word as Carey Mulliganhits red carpet

Mum’s the word as Carey Mulliganhits red carpet

IT was almost a case of ‘what baby?’ as Carey Mulligan hit the red carpet after keeping news of the birth of her second child off the radar.

Asked how it felt to be a mum-of-two, the Great Gatsby star confirmed the new arrival by simply saying: ‘It’s good, thank you.’

The actress, 32, gave little else away as she posed with a Chanel belt over her tum at the Toronto Film Festival to plug new movie Mudbound.

She and 30-year-old musician hubby Marcus Mumford, of Mumford & Sons, welcomed daughter Evelyn Grace into the world in 2015.

Praising the pair’s life of ‘normalcy’, pal Sienna Miller recently said: ‘Marcus can headline Glastonbury, Carey is nominated for Oscars, then they come back to their farm to raise piglets.’

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