Stop groping us, McBusted’s Tom Fletcher tells mum fans

Stop groping us, McBusted’s Tom Fletcher tells mum fans

McBUSTED’S Tom Fletcher and Matt Willis have urged fans to keep their hands to themselves after revealing they have been groped at gigs.

In an exclusive chat with Guilty Pleasures, the ex-bandmates reckon there are ‘different boundaries’ for male and female stars when it comes to admirers crossing the line.

Tom, 32, recalls: ‘I just did a book signing tour and had people grabbing my bum five or six times… by mums!

‘If that was the other way round? Look what happened with Taylor Swift, it was a massive lawsuit,’ he added.

Busted heart-throb Matt, 34, chipped in with his own experience of being felt up at a concert at the Royal Albert Hall earlier this month.

‘I went into the crowd and one woman grabbed my c*** really hard and wouldn’t let go. I was like, “Whoa!” If a man had done that to my wife, I’d be f***ing mad,’ the singer said.

Matt announced yesterday he is to appear in Tom’s children’s book turned stage show, The Christmasaurus.

The dad-of-three will ham it up as villain The Hunter — and will call upon his unsavoury encounters with animals in the past for the role.

‘A friend of mine had a dog who used to hump my leg all the time… just me,’ Matt grimaced. ‘I tried to kick him off, but he seemed to like that.’

They will be joined by McFly drummer Harry Judd, 31, for the show at London’s Hammersmith Apollo.

Tom’s wife, Giovanna, sister Carrie Hope Fletcher and Santa Claus will also star in the show, which runs from December 21 to 28.

A special musical edition of Tom’s original book is out on November 16.

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